Case Study | Meadows Construction

The “One-Stop Close” and 40% Sales Conversion.

The Challenge

Meadows Construction — an exterior remodeling contractor located in Newburyport, Massachusetts — was looking to increase the efficiency of their business. One area that they deemed inefficient was their estimating and proposal processes.

“We were wasting a lot of time and effort which, in this business, means we were wasting money.” says owner Mike Meadows. Onsite estimates took hours of time, with additional effort required to turn the chicken scratched measurements into a proposal. Getting the completed proposal over to the homeowner could take as long as a week, and Meadows was only closing 10% of their proposals into sales.

The Solution

Mike and his team rolled out the new Go Figure mobile app to bring efficiency to their estimating and proposal creation to create a “one-stop close” process to improve their numbers.

“We realized that some of our estimators were able to close some sales right onsite by giving ballpark numbers, delivering the formal proposal later on,” says Meadows.

“We felt Go Figure could help us close more sales on site since you can estimate and deliver the proposal on the spot.”

The Result

Go Figure proved to be a valuable tool. The app enables Meadows Construction to “estimate, propose, and close” all onsite and in minutes using just an iPhone. Their estimators just take pictures of the house and Go Figure automatically measures everything, calculates everything, and produces a professional proposal that the homeowner can sign right then and there. 

With Go Figure, the previous estimating and proposal development processes went from 3+ hours to 10 minutes, and also avoided the back and forth truck trips from the office to the job site. It was clear they were saving considerable time and effort. “But what we really didn’t expect was the massive increase in sales conversion,” says Meadows.

“We realized that homeowners wanted the one-stop close. They find it exhausting to hunt down and try to get the contractors to come back with the proposal. So just by having a proposal that was clear and hyper accurate, most customers sign right away.”

“Everyone says you can’t close a $40,000 siding job in one visit. Well, all I can tell you is this. Almost all of our sales are ‘one-stop close’ now,”
– Mike Meadows.