Case Study | Blue Spring Siding & Windows

Professionalism & Speed

The Challenge

Blue Spring Siding and Windows is a premier installer of siding and windows for high end remodelling projects. Their customers want a seamless process — from start to finish — including the contracting process. Handwritten proposals and messy and untrackable change orders weren’t cutting it.“These customers are paying good money and have high expectations. We were letting them down when we showed up with sometimes illegible handwritten proposals.” explains Rick.

The Solution

Rick started using the new Go Figure mobile app, which not only measures the entire house but also automatically produces a professional proposal – all onsite.  

“The speed is the key. I can get a professional proposal in front of the customer in minutes, complete with pictures, measurements, and all the pricing,” says Rick.

“That starts the dialogue and invariably the discussion leads the homeowner to make changes and additions. And with Go Figure I just make the changes in real time – right there with the customer.”

The Result

With the Go Figure app, Rick is solving more than one challenge. In addition to delivering a more professional proposal for his discerning customers, Rick is also increasing his revenue with the app. He compared his per customer revenue both before and after using Go Figure. The results show an 8% increase in revenue per customer on average.

I can upsell the customer much more effectively when I can generate proposals this quickly. And because the proposal is so clear on what we are doing and not doing, it is easier to capture change orders after the project starts.
– Rick Sims