Use your iPad to measure, estimate and create a proposal for exterior remodeling onsite. Go Figure.

Say goodbye to your tape measure, notepad and hours at the office. Say hello to efficient, accurate and quick proposals from your truck.

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Create estimates and proposals for roofing, siding, trim - all onsite in minutes instead of hours or days - and with 97% accuracy.

GoFigure uses cloud computing, data storage and advanced measurement automation.



It’s this simple: take a picture of your client’s house using an iPad. Point and shoot estimating has never been easier with our new Spike laser rangefinder integration. 


Next, trace the areas of the house you need to measure on the touchscreen. GoFigure will measure the areas, add up the quantities and create an easy-to-use worksheet to calculate costs.


Each job you choose will automatically generate a proposal with contract language. As soon as you’re finished measuring, the proposal is ready to print and/or email.


Stop losing money on over-ordering materials.
97% accuracy means ordering the right amount of materials.


Stop paying your crew to sit around.
Estimate and provide proposals to your customer all onsite and in minutes. Land more jobs faster.


Stop revisiting the job site to get new measurements for change orders. Just open up Go Figure, make the changes and resubmit the proposal - in minutes.


Your Go-To Estimating App
$ 125 Monthly
  • Unlimited Phone Training
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited ZenDesk Support
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  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Full Admin Access
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Sign up for your username and account at 


The integrated spike laser is a one time purchase of $349*


All you need to get precise measurements in minutes



As long as both Go Figure and the Spike App are installed on your iPad and the Spike device is on, all you need to do is access the camera inside Go Figure and all data will transfer automatically.

Open the camera in Go Figure to connect the Spike device. 

Tap the Connect bar, point the crosshairs in the center of the camera at the side of the house you need to measure and take a picture. You can take as many pictures in a row as you would like.

Tap the black Checkmark in the top right of the screen when you’re done.


Next, open one of the pictures in the Job Details screen by tapping it. Choose the Align button in the bottom right corner. In the dialog box, tap Align in Spike. Set the alignment rectangle on the side of the house you will be measuring – it can be adjusted by dragging any of the points on the four corners. Once your alignment box is set, tap the Done button at the top right to deskew and set the scale. ​


To measure siding: Tap Add Item button on the taskbar at the bottom of the Job Details page. Select Area, and then select siding type, or tap Create Your Own. Begin by tapping each corner of the siding area to be measured. As you touch each point, a line will trace the outline of the area. Once the outline is complete and the box is closed, the quantity of siding will appear in the center of the item.

To measure trim: Tap the Add Item button again. Choose Linear and then Trim and then select the trim type or Create Your Own. Touch the top and bottom of the trim board, and the points will connect measuring that piece of trim. Long press at the end of each line to terminate the line.

To measure roofing: Begin by opening a photo of the eave of the roof to be measured.
Tap Add Item button on the taskbar at the bottom of the photo page. Select Area, and then select roofing, then select roofing type or tap Create Your Own. This will open the roof tool.

Touch "eave" on the roof tool taskbar. This will display a measuring bar. Drag the bar up to the eave and drag to it the full length of the eave.

Then, touch "next photo" or "previous photo" to display photo showing the rake of the roof. Touch "rake" on the roof tool taskbar. This will display an angled measuring tool. Touch and drag up to trace the entire rake of the roof. Since the rake is being fully measured, there is no need to enter the pitch.

The total area of roofing measured will be displayed on the right side of the roof tool taskbar titled "Total This Section".

To measure roofing using the satellite tool option: Once a job is created with an address, the upper left corner of the job details page will display a satellite image of that address. Using two fingers, zoom and crop the photo to display the roof. Then touch "import image", this will import that image into the jobs photos page. Then, open the photo and touch "add roof section" on the roof tool taskbar. After the roofing material is selected, simply touch the corners of the roof in the image to trace out the area. Then touch "set roof pitch" on the roof tool taskbar and set the pitch.

The total area of roofing measured will be displayed on the right side of the roof tool taskbar titled "Total This Section".

To measure windows: Begin by opening a photo with windows to be measured. Tap add item on the taskbar at the bottom. Select Count, then select windows, then select window style or create your own. Once window style is selected, this will activate the Window Tool. A backwards "L" will appear on the screen. Drag this to the window to be measured. Touch each end of the "L" independently and drag to measure the window using the crosshairs for accuracy. When complete, long press and touch "accept measurement". Once measurement is accepted, tap each window of that size to count. This will drop a colored dot on each window and count them on your worksheet for pricing.


To enter the price for each item of your takeoff, touch the Worksheet tab on the bottom of the Job Details page. The Worksheet will list all of the items you have done a takeoff on. Tap on each item and enter your pricing either as lump sum or broken down by labor, materials and profit. Go Figure will multiply it by the quantities you’ve chosen and calculate the total price for the job. Pricing for each item can also be entered from your account on the Go Figure website. You can also touch the number to the right of Additional Cost and adjust the sum as you’d like.

Export a bid by touching the Job Report tab on the bottom of the Job Details. The Job Report generates a .pdf file that can be emailed or printed.

There are 3 versions:

Office: Includes photos with quantities of items, worksheet with cost breakdowns & proposal.

Homeowner: Includes photos with quantities of items & proposal

Subcontractor: Includes photos and quantities of items.